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EC-2000 Dirtguard SM

EC-2000 Dirtguard Silicone Modified is a 100% acrylic, elastomeric wall coating designed for the long-term protection, durability and aesthetics of masonry walls.


100% Second Generation Acrylic Coating. A Surface
Curing, Elastomeric Coating For Masonry Walls With
Outstanding Crack-Bridging Properties.


It exhibits outstanding exterior durability and possesses the excellent elasticity and elongation properties necessary to bridge continually moving cracks without itself cracking or wrinkling.

The product possesses the ability to bridge a forthcoming crack 4.9 times its dry film thickness. 350 microns dry will accommodate a forthcoming crack of 1.75mm. These crack bridging properties will eliminate the need for costly, premature recoats where the general integrity of many wall coatings is sound, apart from unsightly product failures over continually moving masonry cracks.


Gloss Level
Drying Time @ 25°
Re-coat Time @ 25°
Recommended Thinners
Recommended DFT
Theoretical Spread Rate 
[@ 350 mic D.F.T.]
[May be tinted]
Semi Gloss
30 minutes
4 hours
350 microns dry
[including two coats]


Suitable Substrates:

Most Masonry Walls.
Satin Enamel
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