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Energy Star Dirtguard IR Elastic

Energy Star Dirtguard IR Elastic is a crack bridging 100% acrylic elastomeric wall coating that exhibits outstanding exterior durability. This semi-gloss coating has excellent elongation and recovery characteristics that provide a positive waterproof seal for masonry and texture finished walls.


A Second Generation, Surface Curing,
100% Acrylic, With High Infrared Heat Reflectivity.


The product is silicone modified for added water resistance and durability with a high resistance to carbon dioxide permeability, making it ideal for seafront and inter city masonry wall applications. It is a high solid and low V.O.C. product with low temperature flexibility to -20°C.

Energy Star Dirtguard IR Elastic is a low odour formulation, which contains no harmful solvents, making it environmentally friendly and safe for applicators.


Gloss Level
Solar Reflectance Index (S.R.I.)
[(White) to ASTM E 1980-01]
Total Solar Reflectance (%T.S.R.)
[(White) to ASTM]
Emittance [to ASTM C-1371]
Drying Time @ 25°C
[@ 200 mic W.F.T.]
Re-coat Time @ 25°C
Recommended Thinners
Wash Up
Spread Rate at Recommended DFT 
[@ 350 mic D.F.T.]
Spread Rate at Recommended DFT 
[@ 180 mic D.F.T.]
Theoretical Spread Rate 
[@ 30 microns Dry]
Specific Gravity
Volume Solids
Pack Sizes
Semi Gloss
45 minutes
[touch dry]
1 to 2 hours
Water [Thinning not
45% V/V
17% V/V
20 (Open Top Pails)


Suitable Substrates:

Masonry & texture finished walls, pre-cast walls, trowel finish walls and all block masonry walls.
Satin Enamel
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