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Texture Coatings & Acrylic Renders

E.I.F.S. Medium Topcoat Skim

EIFS Medium Topcoat Skim is a polymer and silicate modified, mineral based, skim coat. The product is specifically designed for use as the final levelling coat over Astec EIFS Impact treated foam panels after their on site installation in wall and fencing systems which can be over coated with acrylic textures and coatings combining to provide strong inter-coat adhesion.


A Medium Build Pre-Blended,
Polymer Modified Cement Skim Coat.


The product is modified with very high levels of flexible polymers and hydrophobic agents that ensure a well adhered render with excellent resistance to water, efflorescence or rising damp. The cured product is waterproof, hard but flexible and provides greater adhesion to the Impact treated foam than the cohesive strength of the foam itself.

The product is supplied in a 20 kg paper sack. On site mixing requires only the addition of fresh clean water to achieve a smooth workable paste at a desired consistency. No additional polymer additives are required and should not be added.


Pack Size
Mix Activation Water
Drying Time @ 25°C
[55% Relative Humidity]
Recommended Thinners
Wash Up
Re-Coat Time @ 25°C
Minimum Application Temperature
Finish Colour
20kg Paper Sack
3.0 to 3.4 litres per bag
6 hours [Will vary with
changes in temperature,
humidity and residual
substrate moisture]
2 to 4 hours
Light Grey
Exterior / Interior
[Must Be Top-Coated]
Not Required
Theoretical Spread Rate @ 1.0mm
Theoretical Spread Rate @ 1.5mm
m2/20kg Bag


Suitable Substrates:

Astec EIFS Impact coated polystyrene.
Satin Enamel

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