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Exterior Finishes

Armaflex Low Sheen Silicone Modified

Armaflex Low Sheen S.M. is a water based, silicone modified 100% pure acrylic, protective and decorative coating that is formulated as non-splatter paint for exterior or interior walls, ceilings and trims. It is a rapid drying material with high film strength that exhibits good early resistance to moisture.


Premium Exterior 100% Acrylic / Silicone Modified.


The product is fortified with unique flow and levelling agents for excellent ease in application and resistance to brush marks. It dries to a hard wearing yet flexible film that bonds tenaciously to correctly prepared surfaces and will ‘breathe’, adapting well to harsh freeze / thaw environments while exhibiting superior film set properties at temperatures as low as 12°C.

Armaflex Low Sheen S.M. is a premium product with superior exterior durability and long-term adhesion. Silicone blocked micro pores provide a surface that repels water, environmental contaminants and keeps the paint film free from the damaging effects of moisture. Water beads and runs freely from the surface in contrast to being absorbed by conventional acrylics. The product does not contain any harmful solvents making it safe for continual spray or interior roll-on application.

Please refer to Astec Technical Bulletin for complete instructions.


Sheen Level
Recommended Thinners
Touch Dry
Dry @ 25°C, 50% RH
Theoretical Spread Rate 
[@ 30 mic D.F.T.]
V.O.C. gm/ltr
Solvent Resistance
Salt Water
Distilled Water
Diluted Caustic Soda
Detergent Solution
Dilute 5% Mineral Acid
Accelerated Weathering
[2000 hrs 313 U.V.B.]
Specific Gravity
Solids Volume
Moisture Vapour Transmission 
[Method ASTM E96-1966 Full top-coated system]
Contrast Ratio
(Determined with X-RITE QA Management Software
Pack Sizes
Low Sheen
30 minutes
2 hours
Low   < 5
No Reaction
No Reaction
No Reaction
No Reaction
No Reaction
No Reaction
38.0% V/V
36.25 % V/V
42.7 g.m2/24hrs
1, 4, 10, & 20


Suitable Substrates:

Armaflex Low Sheen S.M. is ready for use without primer on timber, masonry, fibro, and aged galvanised metal.
Satin Enamel
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