Waterproofing Service Fixing Water Ingress Problems in Australia

Astec Paints has been offering commercial and residential waterproofing services across Australia for years. We have a perfect waterproofing solution to fix all kinds of water ingress problems, such as leakage in pipes and tanks, and dampness in walls and roofs of the structure. When offering a solution, we ensure that the integrity of the structure remains intact.

We manufacture a wide range of waterproofing solutions that are known for their properties of durability, moisture-resistance and elasticity. Our well-trained team of professionals has the competency to fix all kinds of leakages and dampness in cement and concrete structures. We use tried and tested methods to stop leakage and dry up existing wet areas in your basement, balcony, roof-top or anywhere in the building.

We specialise in leak detection and can offer a valuable solution that can prevent damage to the walls and structure of your home or office. We use the latest waterproofing and leak detection techniques that save your time, money and property.

For all water ingress problems you may be suffering, you can depend on us for a permanent solution. Call us on 08 8297 2000 and Request a Free Quote!
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