Texture Coating

If you need a durable texture coating system, you need ASTEC Paints. Our texture coating systems add a unique dimension to your residence or commercial space, which is long-lasting and attractive. Adding texture coating to the walls make them look as good as new and at a justified cost.

How ASTEC texture coating system provides coating solutions?

• Ensures durability
• Rids you from frequent paint jobs
• Resists dust and moisture
• Economical way to make your space look contemporary

Give a call to our texture coating system experts and know what kind of system would suit your requirement.

Texture Coating

The texture coatings offered by ASTEC Paints help you add an extra dimension which can’t be achieved through painted surfaces. Texture coating helps in colour retention, resistance to dirt and moisture pick-up, fading and chalking.

We help you choose the custom colour that best suits your building’s exterior and interior surfaces. Our high-quality and long lasting texture coatings ensure that you don’t need to paint the walls in the coming few years.

For a FREE quotation for texture coatings, call us or contact by mail.


Welcome to Astec Armatex Acrylic Textures and Renders
Australias Leading brand that has stood the test of time in the most extreme environments

Armatex Acrylic Textures and renders transform brick, concrete block, areated concrete and cement panel into a tough weatherproof and architecturaley apealing protective surface. Astec Armatex Texture coating systems are more than just render, they are flexible and highly impact resistant render systems that will not crumble like traditional sand cement renders.  From Australias coastal reagions to Asian cities and the deserts of UAE,  Armatex is a name trusted by the global building and restoration indusry to perform in the most extreme environments.


Armatex texture systems are up to 50% cooler than
conventional acrylic textures and significantley reduce the
amount of heat that is absorbed and transfered to the
internals of your home.  Live smart and be energy
efficient with Energy Star.                Learn More


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