Roof Paint

In collaboration with its team of specialists, ASTEC Paints has created an extensive collection of roof paint solutions. Our roof coatings are meant to protect the building’s roof from Sun, wind, rain and frost to maintain its original colour.

ASTEC roof paints have excellent adhesion to all types of roofing materials and come in a variety of colours.


Australians Leading Roof Restoration Systems
Cool, Energy Efficient, Heat Reflective Roofing for New Construction
and Renovation.!  Installed at a fraction of the cost of replacement
by trained Astec accredited applicators and covered by a 10 year
manufacturer and application warranty.


  Metal Roof Restoration System
Energy Facts:
a 1ºC drop in temperature can provide a 10% power saving, and as such a considerable overall power saving for a property.  Macquarie University webpage Energy and Emissions – Sustainability
  Asbestos Restoration System
  Cement Tiled Roof Restoration System
  Concrete & Ply Deck Roof  Restoration Systems






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