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Industrial Roof Restoration
Astec Seamless Elastomeric Industrial
Roof Systems.  Not Only Won't...
But Just Can Not Leak !
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Confidence for Certifiers, Builders and Architects
Energy Star® heat reflective coatings are the first, and only range of roof coatings to be Code Mark certified and approved for guaranteed compliance with the Building Code of Australia (B.C.A.) Section J – Energy Efficiency Guidelines and are certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia as green sustainable products.
Energy Efficient Watertight Asset Protection.
Astec’s System for industrial roofs completely seals and waterproofs seams, flashings and fastening devices.  The waterproofing is achieved by embedding polyester matt  between liquid waterproofing materials.

The entire roof is then over-coated with multiple coats of liquid-applied heat reflective elastomers to form a monolithic waterproof seal; with superior resistance to U.V. degradation and wind driven rain.  Wind, water and contaminants are stopped from entering the building, assuring you complete and absolute watertight integrity.

Corrosion Treatment.
Corrosion on the surface of the metal sheet is cleaned with high pressure water to remove any loose oxides, embedded salts and or industrial surface contaminants.
The entire roof is then treated with Astec Rus-traint, a scientific blend of penetrating, oxygen and moisture displacing rust encapsulants.  Astec B-16 Zinc Phosphate primer is applied to the entire roof for added anti-corrosive protection.
The Astec system of cleaning, rust encapsulant and anti-corrosive primer, halts present corrosion and allows the existing heavy gauge metal to remain in place.
Long Term Protection.
Once installed, this system forms a seamless uniform protective covering that protects, maintains and enhances the roof for many, many years to come.
The Astec seamless metal roof is installed at a fraction of the cost of re-roofing is aesthetically pleasing and remains cool in the extremes of summer.
Remains Cool
The buildings thermal performance will be improved by making the roof reflective to sunlight.  Energy Star Infrared heat reflective coatings prevent heat build up and reduce transferred heat to the internals of the building providing cooler occupancy zones and reduced cooling costs for air conditioned buildings.
Saves Energy
In some cases roofing temperatures can be reduced by as much as 61 degrees Celsius.
Energy Facts:  A 1ºC drop in temperature can provide a 10% power saving, and as such a considerable overall power saving
for a property.  Macquarie University webpage Energy and Emissions – Sustainability



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