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Asbestos Restoration System
Why Remove Your Asbestos Roof
When You Can Restore it to a safe, durable, watertight
and heat reflective condition at a fraction of the cost
and disruption to replacement !
Confidence for Certifiers, Builders and Architects
Energy Star® heat reflective coatings are the first, and only range of roof coatings to be Code Mark certified and approved for guaranteed compliance with the Building Code of Australia (B.C.A.) Section J – Energy Efficiency Guidelines and are certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia as green sustainable products.


The Problem   The Solution
Over the years asbestos cement roofs deteriorate through weathering.  The surface layer of cement decays, exposing the underlying asbestos fibres to the environment through an ongoing process of erosion.  As a result, the asbestos cement thins, becomes brittle and the structural stability of the roof is greatly reduced.  The material becomes dark, increasing the internal temperature of the roof cavity and lichen growth detracts from the aesthetics of the building.
The Astec Asbestos Restoration System penetrates the non decayed asbestos fibre matrix thus restoring the sheet to a near new strength of 2.1 mpa.  Removal and replacement of the asbestos sheeting is a costly, unnecessary and disruptive exercise.  In contrast, the Astec system is fast to install, less expensive and encapsulates the asbestos fibres.  This provides a roof that; is stronger, safer, more stable, aesthetically pleasing and remains cool in the extremes of summer.



A Cool, Safe and Energy Efficient Asbestos Roof

The Astec Asbestos System is one of long term rehabilitation and stabilization.  This system does not require high pressure cleaning of the weathered sheet which is now prohibited in Australia.

The system utilizes an under-film mould retardant, a penetrating sealer / binder, and highly durable heat reflective elastomeric topcoats. 
The system penetrates and locks firmly deep within the non-decayed asbestos fibre matrix.  Splits, fasteners and flashings are waterproofed and reinforced with polyester matt ensuring a long-term water tight roof. 
It removes the threat of under-film mould re-growth and provides a new impact resistant surface to the weathered sheet. 
The system can be installed at a fraction of the cost of replacement, and without the inconvenience and disruption to business or home life.
Astec Energy Star system for asbestos roofing  renders the sheet safe, cool and aesthetically pleasing.
•    Flawless 32 year performance history.
•    Safe, durable and waterproof.
•    Accredited applicators.
•    Reduce roof temp on a 37° C day by 61° C  
•    Reduce cooling cost by more than 50%
•    10 year warranty.
Independent testing to:
•    Australian Standards AS/NZS 2311,
      ASTM C1371-04,  ASTM C 1549-02, ASTM E 903
      and ASTM E 1980-01
•    Australian made and owned
•    Cost effective
Trusted by some of the worlds leading organisations as the sustainable solution that renders asbestos roofing safe, durable and energy efficient.



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