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Renders Autoclaved Cement Block and Panels
Astec Armatex texture coating systems are available with Energy Star® Heat Reflective Coating technology.  The use of Energy Star® systems during restoration or new construction results in energy cost savings, cooler occupancy zones and reduced Co2 emissions.


  • Power Skim Armatex - Power Skim is a 100% Acrylic Render, filled with lightweight insulating aggregates. The product is used in place of traditional sand/cement render for the levelling of flush jointed block work, HEBEL and raked brick prior to the application of an acrylic texture. The product can be applied at a thickness of up to 15 mm in one single application without the normal shrinkage cracks and soft corners associated with traditional sand and cement renders.
  • Pre-Patch Coarse Pre-Patch Coarse is a 100% acrylic, water reducible thin section render and patching compound that is supplied ready for use straight from the drum, apart from the required addition of cement for exterior use.
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