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Renders Concrete Repair
Astec Armatex texture coating systems are available with Energy Star® Heat Reflective Coating technology.  The use of Energy Star® systems during restoration or new construction results in energy cost savings, cooler occupancy zones and reduced Co2 emissions.


  • Repair Mortar No. 50 Repair Mortar No. 50 is a pre-blended two component, shrinkage compensated dry mix mortar powder. It contains carefully graded washed silicas, cement, organic fibres, silica fume and many product control additives.
  • CR Primer CR Primer is a milky coloured, water based acrylic Di-polymer solution that is used as the base primer for concrete repair mortars. After the removal of any decayed concrete, the cut back area is first primed with CR Primer and allowed to dry thoroughly before the subsequent repair mortar is applied to the affected area.
  • Pre-Patch Medium Pre-Patch Medium is a 100% acrylic, water reducible patching compound that is supplied ready for use straight from the drum, apart from the required addition of cement for exterior work and some jointing applications, such as HARDITEX.
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