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Test Reports
Testing and Compliance:
Independent thermal testing
  • ASTM C 1371-04,  “Determination of Emittance of Materials Near Room Temperature” More


  • ASTM E 1980-01, “Standard Test Method for determining Solar Absorptance Values”.  More


  • ASTM C 1549-02, “Standard Test Method for Determination of Solar Reflectance Near Ambient Temperature Using a Portable Solar Reflectometer.”  More


  • ASTM E 903-96, “Standard Test Method for Solar Absorptance, Reflectance, and Transmittance of Materials Using Integrating Spheres.”  More



Third party compliance
  • Complies with Australian Standards AS /NZS 4859.1, (Materials for the thermal insulation of buildings).  More
  • B.C.A (Building Code of Australia CodeMark Certified.  Certification No.GM-09-CM30010  More
  • Good Environmental Choice Australia Certified.  Certification No.AST-2007  More


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