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Crack Bridging Elastomeric Wall Coatings


Astec elastomeric wall coatings bridge existing cracks in masonry and remain Crack-Free over time.  They allow masonry to remain free of unsightly cracks and give long term elastic protection against the ingress of water, salts and Co2.

Energy Star Dirtguard I.R. Elastic  possesses the ability to
bridge a forthcoming crack 4.9 times its dry film thickness.
( 350 microns dry will accommodate a forthcoming crack of 1.75 mm ).
  • EC-2000 Dirtguard SM EC-2000 Dirtguard Silicone Modified is a 100% acrylic, elastomeric wall coating designed for the long-term protection, durability and aesthetics of masonry walls.
  • Energy Star Dirtguard IR Elastic Energy Star Dirtguard IR Elastic is a crack bridging 100% acrylic elastomeric wall coating that exhibits outstanding exterior durability. This semi-gloss coating has excellent elongation and recovery characteristics that provide a positive waterproof seal for masonry and texture finished walls.
  • Energy Star EC-100 Dirtguard SM Energy Star EC-100 Dirtguard Silicone Modified is a water-based, second generation 100% acrylic waterproof membrane coating with high infrared heat reflectivity. Applied as a liquid, it forms a seamless waterproof membrane in situ on the substrate, offering excellent resistance to ponded water when fully adhered.
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