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Preparation Base Coats


Astec has a complete range of preparation products suitable for all common exterior surfaces.  Whether you're preparing a rusted surface or repainting your walls these products will help you achieve an outstanding result every time.

  • Barrier Barrier is an industrial water based anti-mould solution specifically formulated for the maintenance painting and roof restoration industries. It is supplied as a ready to use solution available in 20L plastic drums or as a concentrate available in both 20 Litre plastic drums and 4 Litre plastic containers with a mixing ratio of 1:4 (Add 4 Litres of clean water to every 1 Litre of Barrier Concentrate).
  • Rivett Rivett is a clear solvent based solution that offers outstanding sealing and binding powers when used during the restoration process of aged construction surfaces. In addition to its primary use, Rivett has also proved to be an effective first sealer/binder for chalky paint finishes, soft friable masonry walls and any substrate requiring new surface stability prior to the application of an aesthetic or protective finish.
  • Rus-traint Rus-traint is a penetrating, moisture displacing, rust encapsulating inhibitor; manufactured from a scientifically balanced blend of penetrating oils, rust inhibitors, oxygen and moisture resistant resins. When applied directly over rust, it will penetrate the finest pores and cavities in the rust, displacing the trapped moisture and encapsulating the rust as a pigment in the dry film. It converts rust into a micro-pore free, fully functional surface ready for painting.
  • Tripleflex - 3 in 1 Gold An ultra premium product, Tripleflex 3 in 1 Gold is a low odour, exterior grade sealer / primer / undercoat, with good opacity, direct to substrate adhesion and roller splatter resistance.
  • Multi-Seal Unlike traditional solvent based acrylic solutions that contain hydrocarbon solvents, Multi-Seal is a clear water/alcohol/glycol based solution that offers the superior sealing and binding capabilities of traditional solution acrylics without the toxic release of hydrocarbon solvents into the atmosphere. The product does not form a surface film but is designed to penetrate the substrate, rather than coat it. Multi-Seal binds any loose surface particles to a hard finish prior to any topcoat application.
  • B-16 Red Oxide ZP Anti-Corrosive Primer B-16 Primer is a resin rich anti-corrosive primer manufactured as a concentrate to enable long-term storage without the normal hard settle of the red oxide and zinc phosphate pigments that are normally associated with anti-corrosive primers.
  • Oil Based Undercoat - Quick Dry Oil Based Undercoat is a quick dry, high solids maintenance primer/undercoat that provides a well adhered stain blocking base coat for most acrylic and enamel topcoats on interior or exterior surfaces.
  • Tripleflex - 3 in 1 A premium product, Tripleflex 3 in 1 is a low odour, exterior grade sealer / primer / undercoat, with good opacity, direct to substrate adhesion and roller splatter resistance.
  • Enviro-Clean Astec Paints Australasia Enviro-Clean is a water-based formulation designed to clean wax, grease, oil, silicone, automotive exhaust build up and general dirt off most painted and unpainted surfaces.
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