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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should your Heat Reflective paint have Dirtguard?

All Astec's Energy Star coatings have Dirtguard technology.  This keeps paint cleaner and inhibits dirt pick up and assists in the maintenance of their sola reflectivity.  We have formulated the paint matrix in such a way as to not allow the penetration of contaminants as would happen to normal or standard paint formulations. Dirtguard is present in all Astec products that display the Astec Dirtguard Logo.  Learn More

Why should I paint with an Elastomeric paint?

Your house will always move slightly depending on weather and temperature variations.  The use of a paint with elastic properties such as Astec's Astec Dirtguard I.R. Elastic means that your exterior paint can stretch over the tiny hairline cracks that will ultimately appear.  If you use only normal paints while aesthetically pleasing they are hard and inelastic and will crack with substrate movement and allow the ingress of water to the building.  All Masonry, texture finish, render, blue board and fibro sheeting benefits by the use of an Elastomeric Wall Coating.  Astec Dirtguard I.R. Elastic will bridge a forthcoming crack in masonry 3.8 times its dry film thickness.  Learn More

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