Paints to Give the Exterior Surfaces an Attractive Look and a Protective Coating

Exterior Paint

High-quality exterior paints ensure that the building looks the way it does for the years to come. A coat of exterior paint completes the appearance of the building and protects the surfaces from fading, temperature changes and moisture. ASTEC Paints offers with a variety of exterior paints for you to choose from.
Exterior paints are primarily of two types-oil-based and water-based. The selection of the type of exterior paint depends on the conditions of the surrounding and that of the building. The solvent thinner in oil-based paint base comprises of a pigment, which provides the colour, and resign, which forms the hard coating. This type of exterior paint has benefits such as better surface penetration, smooth finish and better adhesion. Water-based paint base, on the other hand, has a pigment and binder mixed with water to get better gloss, prevent from moisture and dry quickly.
While the decision about the type of exterior paints depends entirely on the surroundings, but the quality needed for a long-lasting effect can be guaranteed by ASTEC Paints only.
Astec have been protecting the exterior of Australian homes for over 32 years with products that have proven to perform in some of the world most extreme coastal and urban environments.  Astec Paints provide long term protection to timber, metal, masonry and fibro cement and are resistant to damaging ultra violent radiation and wind driven rain.  Substrate movement for whatever reason leads to cracks in masonry walls, Astec elastomeric wall paints bridge these continually moving cracks and remain “Crack Free” throughout the worst ravages of cold winters and hot humid summers.
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Complete weather protection of Australian homes for over 32 years.


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