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Energy Star Coolpave

Energy Star Coolpave is a tough, durable water based pavement coating that is tolerant to chemicals released from vehicle engines, transmissions & break systems and offers outstanding resistance to softening and pick-up from hot vehicle tyres.


Water-based, Second Generation 100% Acrylic
Pavement Coating With High Infrared Heat
Reflectivity, Good Resistance To Automotive
Chemicals & Hot Tyres Pick-Up.


The product is polyurethane modified for added surface durability. It is a high solid, low V.O.C & low odour formulation that contains no harmful solvents, making it environmentally friendly and safe for applicators during application.

The product is designed on internally plasticized acrylic technology, which means, it does not contain plasticizers that can leach from the cured film over time and detract from the product’s long-term adhesion.

The product is available in a gloss, low sheen & non skid finish and can be used on most correctly prepared concrete and asphalt surfaces.


Gloss Level
Solar Reflectance Index (S.R.I.)
[(White) to ASTM E 1980-01]
Total Solar Reflectance (%T.S.R.)
[(White) to ASTM]
Emittance [to ASTM C-1371]
Drying Time @ 25°C
[@ 100 mic W.F.T.]
Re-coat Time @ 25°C
Recommended Thinners
Wash Up
Spread Rate at Recommended DFT 
[@ 184 mic D.F.T.]
Theoretical Spread Rate 
[@ 30 microns Dry]
Specific Gravity
Volume Solids
Pack Sizes
Gloss / Low Sheen /
Non Skid
45 minutes
[dry and block resistant]
1 to 2 hours
Water [Thinning not
52% V/V
18% V/V
20L, 10L, 4L


Suitable Substrates:

Car park & bike track asphalt, tennis courts, workshop floors & factory floors, garage floors & pavers, patios & veranda floors, concrete or steel stairs, swimming pool surrounds and commercial kitchen floors.
Satin Enamel

  • Gloss

  • Low Sheen

  • Non Skid
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