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Energy Star Ceram 4000

Energy Star Ceram-4000 is a water-based, 100% acrylic coating with High Infrared Heat Reflectivity and low thermal conductivity.


A Low V.O.C., 100% Acrylic, High Build Ceramic
Coating With Very Low Thermal Conductivity.


The product is a low V.O.C., 100% acrylic, high build ceramic coating that has very low thermal conductivity, resulting in low heat transfer through the product to the internals of a roof.

The product is tough, flexible and remains cool, even in dark colours. Testing has shown that they will last eight times longer than all conventional exterior acrylic roof paints.


Gloss Level
Solar Reflectance Index (S.R.I.)
[(White) to ASTM E 1980-01]
Total Solar Reflectance (%T.S.R.)
[(White) to ASTM]
Emittance [to ASTM C]
Thermal Conductivity
Drying Time @ 25°C
[@ 100 mic W.F.T.]
Re-coat Time @ 25°C
Recommended Thinners
Wash Up
Spread Rate at Recommended DFT 
[@ 260 mic D.F.T.]
Theoretical Spread Rate 
[@ 30 microns Dry]
Specific Gravity
Volume Solids
Pack Sizes
0.1 W / m / °C
35 minutes
[dry and block resistant]
1 to 2 hours
Water [Thinning not
[inc. two coats & profile]
65% V/V
52% V/V
20 L, 10L, 4L


Suitable Substrates:

Energy Star Ceram-4000 is designed for use on galvanized and pre-painted metal roofing, concrete tiles and asbestos roofing.
Satin Enamel
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