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About Us
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We are a proudly, South Australian owned coatings manufacturer operating in Adelaide since 1978. Astec’s product range and systems have proven their quality throughout Australia and overseas. Our competitive manufacturing procedures and strong buying power through export volume, allows our stockists to enjoy outstanding financial success. Added to that, our proven flawless track record provides confidence to DIY and trade applicators. We manufacture a premium range of interior / exterior acrylic wall and alkyd trim products for the domestic and commercial markets. We also specialise in industrial primers, strippers, rust treatments, exterior skim coats, texture finishes and elastomeric membranes.  


 The Beginning

The Beginning   Astec Paints began life in 1978, as a South Australian, family owned company, specialising in Roofing, Waterproofing and Facade Restorations.

An original team of four set the pace for unequalled achievements in workmanship and customer service. These efforts in the first stages of rapid expansion enabled us to maintain a stable staff including a fixing department totalling twenty six, which would complete over 900,000.00m2 of specialty coating applications. With the level of pride and expertise that our company was renowned for, we were further rewarded for our efforts with large volumes of South Australian heritage facade restoration, a vast affirmation to our increased integrity in the industry.

The principal Mr. Mark Waters (Managing Director) with his trade background had an in depth understanding of coating performance requirements. Together with the laboratory chemists, work was begun regarding product performance and on site substrate specific testing. A great deal of time and money was invested into the research and development of our world class coatings and systems formulated to suit the harsh Australian environment which lead us to information resources as far as Europe and America.

Within the first four years of product development the team at Astec developed and achieved two coating technologies that were new to Australia. Firstly, a Ceramic Coating EC-100 and EC-2000, a New Second Generation Acrylic Polymer, with unique
features of "Surface Curing" and Low Glass Transition Temperature. Their use has rapidly grown through their flawless performance history, exhibited on many projects throughout Australia, from extreme sea-front environments to our far North Tropical regions.


 The Eighties

In the Eighties Astec had developed products and systems, for waterproofing, shower recesses wet areas, metal, asbestos, cement tile roofing, box guttering, podiums, decks, and balconies and restoration and protective coatings and systems for all masonry and exterior facades. Highly durable UV stable exterior coatings that not only satisfied dry, arid Australian climates but tropic versions for our tropical NT and Queensland partners.

The Astec Armatex Acrylic Texture range was developed during this time in response to increased demand from a booming architectural market. We achieved a reputation for manufacturing high quality Acrylic Texture systems with specifications to suit all substrates. This created lasting relationships with sales Australia wide. As the Eighties came to a close we had built a successful business supplying our now extensive product range to fiercely loyal customers throughout Australia, either direct to trade from our Adelaide factory outlet or through independent distributors in NT, QLD, NSW, VIC and country areas of Australia.
  the Eighties


 The Nineties

The Nineties   The early nineties saw the development of strong overseas interest in our products, leading to opportunities to expand into the Asia-Pacific. We became Exporters; Astec are now proud to be a South Australian Company, with 70% of our total turnover in exports to Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK, Singapore. Astec's export success hinges on successful relationships with the principals of each country.

Astec Japan has a distribution network from the north islands right through to the south islands, with the Head Office in the city of Fukuoka. The success of Astec Japan is directly attributed to the calibre of the principal there, Mr. Toru Sugahara and his foresight in identifying the growing rectification market in 1994 and his drive to source the best insulating and waterproofing membranes.

Over the last 12 years, the demand for new products to fit particular Japanese requirements has put huge pressure on our Research and Development lab. This very prolific time saw many new products created; Polyurethane technology, Silicone Modified Elastomerics, Rubber Waterproofing membranes, Polyester reinforcing cloth, Waterproofing renders, sub basement products, Highbuild renders for foam construction (well before Australia discovered Foam wall), Aquaphobics and many other products specific to waterproofing and concrete rectification.

By the Mid Nineties we had signed contracts for supply into China. Their demand was for interior and exterior products for their rapidly expanding broad wall market.
Accordingly our focus became, to expand our decorative, interior and exterior paint range. Astec China is represented in most Provinces with some of the most successful stories coming out of Fujian Province with the principle Mr. Chan with eight retail outlets in Fuzhou alone.


 2000 & Beyond

In the new millennium, we saw the potential of the last ten, very prolific years and made assessments on our product line up in all the diverse areas Texture, Interior, Exterior, Waterproofing, Flooring, Concrete Repair, Anti-Graffiti, Roofing and Industrial Sealer/Binder/Strippers. Up until now with very little marketing exposure we had achieved all the above and proudly decided to let Australia know what we had achieved. Our marketing plan named the "Quiet Achievers” was put into action. Astec sales representatives pushed into the domestic market to tell our story and showcase our product along with our competitive pricing, to Trades, Do-it-yourself and Hardware independents etc.

The response has been tremendous. Such a positive response only
  2000 & Beyond
confirmed our belief that the market is certainly ready to accept an Australian manufacturer with a credible history of manufacture and the added experience of export. Our ability to deliver an expansive range of products from the boutique finishes through to tough, industrial coatings and systems, makes Astec Paints a unique paint manufacturer in today's corporate world.

As it stands today Astec Paints Australasia Pty Ltd is still privately owned and a proud South Australian. We support and recognise local talent and business as some of the most effective in the world and thus this state's success with exports.

We respect our close relationships with the trade industry. Our mission statement is to value our most important asset… uncompromising, personal service excellence to the customer.




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